Pre-wire Services

title_structured_wiringNOW IS THE TIME
We dream about “someday” having a home theater, or whole home audio, or a home automation system. One day you may “get around” to installing a security system.

But did you know the best time to act on these dreams is when the walls of your new home are just going up?

Planning an integrated smart home system, running wires, and installing in-wall speakers and volume controls is much easier (and most cost-effective) during the building phase.

Plus, you can roll the cost of your full system into your home’s mortgage.



Click here to view photos and information (non-mobile page) from a typical Structured Wiring installation, this one in a new home in the Pronghorn development northeast of Bend.


Structured Wiring Packages Include wiring for:

•  Home security

•  High-speed internet

•  Digital and/or cable TV in any room

•   Home theater surround sound

•  Networking of computers, printers, fax and scanners

•  Music throughout

•  Phone systems



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