Choosing Home Security from Atlas

Does it cost anything to get an estimate prepared with a visit to my home by the owner?
No cost, the owner or a seasoned technician will perform a site visit free of charge and create an estimate based on that appointment.

What is the benefit of using a local security company headquartered in Bend?
Prompt service and a staff that answers the phone that lives in Central Oregon working normal hours.

How do I know when something is wrong with my system or my system needs servicing?
We check the daily reports and receive feedback from your system on a weekly bases letting us know if service on the equipment is needed.

What happens if I move?
We work with our clients for reasonable solutions to various issues that sometimes come up.

What if I need help after hours?
We have a technician on call 24/7. A simple call to our answering service will generate a response from our technician normally within 10-15 minutes.

Who trains me on the system?
Our staff trains all our clients on how to use their system on an ongoing basis.

Is a local company able to offer all the services that a national company can provide?
Yes, with our systems additions like…lighting control, cameras, heating and door strike control can be added at anytime once installation is complete or at the time of install.

What if I own a second home and am not in Central Oregon for long periods of time?
Atlas helps many clients, especially if they are not in town, with service and support for a variety of needs.

Can the system monitor for things like temperature and water?
Installing environmental contacts such as low temperature sensors, water sensors, smoke and heat is extremely important to many of our clients. We have a large selection of products for this purpose.

How do I know the company is not going to be sold and my monitoring changed to another company?
Atlas is owned by Graham Hausler who has lived in Bend since 1999.  Graham has always focused on building the company with the Central Oregon market, as both expand for many years into the future.

Is there a physical location to visit when I am researching my system.
Yes, and Atlas would be happy to show you product and educate you on Security.



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